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Having been extremely short sighted for most of my life - the onset of
cataracts caused me some concern. I was worried that my vision would
deteriorate and I wouldn’t be able to drive. My optician recommended Mr Yang for when I felt ready to have some discussions concerning my eyes.
Sight is so precious to us all, that I did feel somewhat apprehensive about
making the first move. Mr Yang answered all of my queries and addressed my
worries so clearly and in a way that I could understand, that I felt confident to
move ahead and have the cataracts removed and lens implants inserted. It is
so reassuring to see the same person from the initial consultation, through to
surgery and be able to communicate with them throughout the whole process.
I cannot express the delight of having clear vision and seeing things
in a way like never before! 

I cannot recommend Mr Yang enough, he is so approachable yet a true
professional, completely thorough and puts you at ease. Not once did he
make me doubt my decision and he always took the time to communicate,
never making me feel he was too busy or in a hurry. 

Mrs VR


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